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Make Me Choose → Anon Asked: Cortana or Kasumi Goto

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Halo: Metropolis - Created by Garrett Post


Looks like Doritos and Mtn. Dew are gearing up for their Halo 5 promotions.

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Poor John, he looks awful. :(

That said, the thematic continuity here makes me cream my pants. Halo 4 opens and closes with basically this exact shot - it begins with John as a six year old boy trapped inside a pod that looks like a MJOLNIR helmet, it ends with the MJOLNIR helmet being lifted off him for the first time in years so we see what that little boy has become.

I forgot that John’s eyes were blue, after Cortana’s death that is just cruel! No wonder he must never want to take that helmet off, every time he looks in a mirror he must be reminded of her.

The eyes are the windows to the soul, they look like Cortana…

That is fucking powerful stuff.


Halo logic 

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Giving any AI a weapon in Halo always seems like a good idea at first


Fan Art Focus: Chief

Author: Chuck Jackson

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