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Martin O’Donnell has been fired by Bungie

Sadly, famed music composer Martin O’Donnell has been fired by Bungie. O’Donnell was known for composing the music for many of Bungie’s video games; including Myth, Oni, and the Halo series. On Twitter,  O’Donnell announced that he was terminated, as he claims, “without cause”, by Bungie’s board of directors on April 11th, 2014. As huge fans of Marty’s work, we here at The Gaming Life are very saddened by this news and wish nothing but the best for him. 


Maybe 343I will snatch him up! We miss your work Martin.

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Never forgot your fallen brothers 


Master Chief

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cortana, stop. control yourself.

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Osric Chau & Ty Olsson
in Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn

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Fan Art Focus : Arbiter
Author : William Eason 


inspired by [x]

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fuck your sexist bullshit

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